Sunday, December 11, 2005

Being related to a genius ROCKS!

Check out my sibling blogs section. The cool mouse-over effect is courtesy of my brother Philip, who worked out how to do it. Check out his blogs.


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phil said...

Well, he's really not much of a genius.

I like the line in The Royal Tanenbaums where Royal says to Margo, "You used to be a genius". Then she says "No I didn't". And then he says "well, that's what people said." And it's all very surreal.

I wish I was a genius, but I'm not. At best, I'm a bit clever sometimes. Most of the time I'm not even clever. And quite often I do some really dumb stuff.

phil said...

Oh, I really like that movie by the way - The Royal Tanenbaums that is. It's very strange and stuff.

John said...
Yeah, I thought The Royal Tananbaums was pretty cool, too. Strangely enough, I couldn't get into The Life Aquatic.
12/12/05, 3:42 PM