Sunday, April 08, 2007

Family visit

Mom and Dad came down from Greybull this weekend. It was cool to see them (and it got me motivated to clean my apartment).

It seems, however, that Mom had an ulterior motive.

She wanted to get me to church.

She asked me if I knew of any Lutheran churches around. I said, "No."

She asked if I was going to go to Easter service. I said, "No."

She looked up a Lutheran chuch in the phone book, made a call then told me that the church's Easter breakfast starts at 8. I said, "No."

She tried the passive-aggressive "Will you go for me?" tactic. After almost thirty-five years of this, I'm pretty much immune. I said, "No."

She must have finally gotten it, because she didn't try to get me up this morning.

So, am I a jackass? Maybe, but Mom knows (even if she won't let herself admit it) that I don't believe that stuff. A free1 breakfast is not worth sitting through two hours of nonsense.


1Yeah, right. Just try getting in without paying the "suggested donation." You know the difference between a donation and a charge? Tax liability.

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Kyle Szklenski said...

This is actually Kyle commenting now. There's a switch on the back of every mother that you can press and they stop talking about religion. . .I wish. My mother tries to get me to go to church sometimes too. What's with that?

I've come upon a funny little idea that we only need two pieces of "rhetoric" to defeat all religion: Occam's Razor for the majority of it, and to cover our butts we can use the Atheist's Wager. If you care to read more, feel free to email me. Or you can read my post at (I Shave with Occam's Razor).