Thursday, September 27, 2007

Where Did the Universe Come From? Part 5

Where Did the Universe Come From? Part 5


Today I introduce to you one of the most powerful science presentations I have ever heard.

I listened to Hugh Ross give this presentation on a tape while I was driving down Interstate 88 in Chicago one night. As I listened, light bulbs were firing off in my head all over the place.

Hugh Ross? Really, Hugh Ross? Another "I'm-right-and-anyone-who-argues-with- me-is-the-Devil" creationist. I'm sure he's completely honest and unbiased. All of his points have been answered elsewhere. (the links are good places to start if you want to look)

So what's the big deal about this? Here's what you'll discover as you listen:

-The delicate balance of vast forces in the universe, necessary for life to exist

-Why planet earth is so extremely special in its ability to support life

-The very measurement of the entire universe in all its magnificence, made possible only within the last 15 years

-A fascinating place where science and theology come together in perfect agreement

Now there's one more thing I want to tell you about this talk: It was recorded in 1994.

Now why would I give you something called "New Scientific Evidence" if it's 11 years old?

Here's why: Because unlike most things 11 years old -- with only a couple of exceptions, the information Hugh Ross shares here has been shown to be even *more* accurate today than it was back then.

I call bullshit.

One of the hallmarks of a successful scientific model is that it holds up for years and even decades, even while scholars debate it. I've been following Dr. Ross and his work, and virtually every fact he discusses here has been further strengthened and validated by all the physics and astronomy discoveries in the years since.

More bullshit.

On this link you'll find both the audio recording and the printed transcript. You can read it online, print it out, listen on your computer, burn it to a CD, or download this to your MP3 player. Go here now:


Don't bother. It's even more bullshit. I didn't enjoy it. Neither will you

Perry Marshall

This was not fun. Five emails of almost pure bullplop. Just the thought that anyone could believe this crap depresses me. I did not make the URLs Mr Marshall supplies (in this post and the last one) into hyperlinks. If you really want to torture yourself, copy-and-paste them into your navigation bar.


UPDATE: If anyone wonders why I went from fisking Mr Marshall's points (previous posts) to just calling bullshit (this post), it's because the above links to Hugh Ross answer all of it


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Braddock said...

Why do people spend so much time trying to prove God exists? If you prove God exists then it will be even harder to make it into heaven. After its proven, everyone would conform and follow the rules to get into heaven because they know the consequences of their actions. Then God will be like "Woh, there is a lot of people coming into heaven. I need to be more selective" Then God will impose harsher standards to get into heaven. Right now all I have to say is I believe God's son died for my sins. I can sin all my life and get into heaven. I don't have to go to church. If someone proves God exists then I'll have to stop sinning and go to church as well.