Saturday, July 12, 2008

So obvious even an Engineering drop-out (to wit: me) can spot it

From SciencePunk via Bad Astronomy:

Can you spot the mistake (it took me about 3 seconds). This is from a school that offers engineering courses.


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Jackie said...

You mean that those gears couldn't move? That's the first thing I noticed, and I've never had a enginering course (unless you count all the physics.)

Jackie said...

I mean they couldn't rotate when making a triangle like that, not because there are no parts to rotate them.

John said...
exactly. the gears are locked.
7/12/08, 9:22 PM
Qalmlea said...

Best guess: it's probably a piece of clip-art that someone thought "looked impressive" or "cool" or some such. Chances are that no one of a scientific bent even looked at the thing before it got put up.

... things like this are probably why so many things get caught up in co many committees ... as this is what happens when they don't.