Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Food Meme

Via Good Math / Bad Math
Which of the following foods have you eaten:

  1. Venison: Yep. Love it.
  2. Nettle tea: Nope.
  3. Huevos rancheros: Yep, very good, but I don't really go for big breakfasts
  4. Steak tartar: Yep. "Steak tartar? Ah yes, steak tartar." (10 points if you can name the movie, 5 points extra credit if you can name the actor who said it.)
  5. Crocodile: Nope.
  6. Black pudding: Nope.
  7. Cheese fondue: Yep.
  8. Carp: Yep.
  9. Borscht: Nope
  10. Calamari: Hell, yes. Good stuff.
  11. Pho: Nope.
  12. PB&J sandwich: Duh.
  13. Aloo gobi: Nope
  14. Hot dog from a street cart: Yep.
  15. Epoisses: Nope.
  16. Black truffle: Yep
  17. Fruit wine made from something other than grapes: Yep
  18. Steamed pork buns: Yep.
  19. Pistachio ice cream: Yep.
  20. Heirloom tomatoes: I don't think so.
  21. Fresh wild berries: Yep.
  22. Rice and beans: Yep.
  23. Brawn, or head cheese: Nope
  24. Raw Scotch Bonnet pepper: Nope
  25. Dulce de leche: Yes.
  26. Oysters: Yep.
  27. Baklava: Yep. In Greece, even
  28. Bagna cauda: Nope.
  29. Wasabi peas: Yep. Meh.
  30. Clam chowder in a sourdough bowl: Yep.
  31. Salted lassi: Nope.
  32. Sauerkraut: Yep. Can't have a Reuben without it.
  33. Root beer float: Yep.
  34. Cognac with a fat cigar: Nope.
  35. Clotted cream tea: Yep. In England. My time in the Navy was almost worth it just for the food.
  36. Vodka jelly/Jell-O: Yep.
  37. Gumbo: Yep.
  38. Oxtail: Yep.
  39. Curried goat: Nope.
  40. Whole insects: Nope.
  41. Phaal: Nope.
  42. Goat's milk: Yep. Pretty good once you get used to it.
  43. Fugu: Nope.
  44. Chicken tikka masala:Yep
  45. Eel: Yep.
  46. Krispy Kreme original glazed doughnut: Yep
  47. Sea urchin: Nope.
  48. Prickly pear: Nope.
  49. Umeboshi: Nope.
  50. Abalone: Yes.
  51. Paneer: Nope.
  52. McDonald's Big Mac Meal: Yes. Meh.
  53. Spaetzle: Yep.
  54. Dirty gin martini: Nope.
  55. Beer above 8% ABV: Yep
  56. Poutine: Nope, I have had gravy fries, but not with cheese curd
  57. Carob chips: Yes. Meh.
  58. S'mores: Duh.
  59. Sweetbreads: Yep. Meh, better than liver, though.
  60. Kaolin: Nope.
  61. Currywurst: Nope.
  62. Durian: Nope.
  63. Frogs' legs: Yep. They're OK.
  64. Beignets, churros, elephant ears or funnel cake: Yep.
  65. Haggis: Ach! Aye!
  66. Fried plantain: Yep. Meh.
  67. Chitterlings, or andouillette: Nope.
  68. Gazpacho: Yep. "Tomato soup, seved ice cold"
  69. Caviar and blini: Nope.
  70. Louche absinthe: Nope.
  71. Gjetost, or brunost: Nope.
  72. Roadkill: Nope.
  73. Baijiu: Nope.
  74. Hostess Fruit Pie: Yep. Loved 'em as a kid.
  75. Snail: Yep. (France)
  76. Lapsang souchong: Nope.
  77. Bellini: Nope.
  78. Tom yum: Nope.
  79. Eggs Benedict: Yep. OK, but, again, I'm not much for breakfast foods.
  80. Pocky: Yep.
  81. Tasting menu at a three-Michelin-star restaurant: Nope.
  82. Kobe beef: Nope.
  83. Hare: Yep.
  84. Goulash: Yep.
  85. Flowers: Yep, if dandelions and rose hips count.
  86. Horse: Nope.
  87. Criollo chocolate: Nope.
  88. Spam: Yep. Yuck.
  89. Soft shell crab: Yep.
  90. Rose harissa: Nope
  91. Catfish: Yep.
  92. Mole poblano: Yep.
  93. Bagel and lox: Yep.
  94. Lobster Thermidor: Nope.
  95. Polenta: Yep.
  96. Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee: Nope.
  97. Snake: Nope.

Some extras have been added.

  1. Elk: Yep. Dad makes a killer Elk stew. In fact, I think Elk is pretty awesome all around, except in spaghetti sauce for some reason
  2. Ostrich: Nope.
  3. Moose: Yep.
  4. Whole hog BBQ: Yep.
  5. Wine @ >$400/bottle.: Nope.
  6. Home made bacon/sausage: Yep. The sausage anyway, never had home-made bacon that I'm aware of.
  7. Chocolate and chilis: Nope
  8. Chittlins: Nope.
  9. Moonshine: Nope.
  10. Quail eggs: Nope.
  11. Monkfish liver: Nope.
  12. Live scallop: Nope.
  13. Fried chicken giblets: Yep. Yuck.
  14. Duck cracklings: Yep. OK if you like fried skin.
  15. Grappa: Nope.

Well, that's it. I've had a little over half of the original 100. I can't think of anything to add to the list.


3 people have spouted off:

Jackie said...

I'm afraid that's probably the most boring post you've ever posted. I'm unemployed, and I have very little to do with my time, yet still I couldn't bother to read the whole thing. I'm amazed the meme has lasted this long. Maybe I just don't get the internet. I'm gonna go sort Kyle's socks. That sounds like fun.

Qalmlea said...

LOL. I gave up on this meme after not recognizing most of the items on it. ^/^ But if others want to play, I won't complain.

Just out of curiosity, is it possible to prepare oysters so that they don't taste/look like a ball of snot?

John said...
No. No it is not.
8/24/08, 6:33 PM