Wednesday, October 01, 2008

One last hike in Shell Canyon

My parents have moved to Plains, Montana. But Phil is still living at the house in Greybull. I went up for one last hike in Shell Canyon (something I wish I'd done more often).

So here are some pics:

Pfft, we don't need no stinking trail

Me taking a break

Molly taking a break

Me contemplating the next step (seriously, it was about a 6 foot drop)


Phil wanted to take this tree, pot it and claim he grew/sculpted it himself

Looking down into Shell Canyon

A zoom of the cool rock

You can sort of see the parking area

Phil and Molly

Phil as a measure of scale

Phil said if he were climbing the cliff, this would be a good place to stop and "smoke a bowl"

Vertical shot of water trickling down the cliff. You can see from the washed-out area that in the springtime, this is quite a torrent

I have other pics, but these were the ones that came out best.


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Qalmlea said...

Nice pics. I especially love that last one. Something about the perspective in it, I think.