Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Six Things

I've been tagged with a meme by Qalmlea

Here are the rules:

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Six random things about me. Let me think...

It's taken me a month, but I finally managed to come up with six things about me that someone may find, if not interesting, then at least not mindnumbingly boring.
  1. I dropped out of college less than one semester shy of getting a degree (BSEE). I was completely burned out. Despite urging from family, I really have no intention to finish.
  2. I don't like dealing with strangers. Not just socially, either. I can if I have to, but it makes me uncomfortable, so if I can foist it off onto someone else, I will. Even things like paying at a gas station or calling a store to find out if they carry something. I'm not scared of it, I just feel really awkward.
  3. My musical taste can be described as "eclectic", if you want to be polite. "Weird" seems to be a more popular description, with "non-existent" being a close second. It ranges from '80s pop to Celtic to old-timey folk to singer-songwriters to heavy metal and a lot in between.
  4. In seventh grade, my friend Tom and I got ourselves left behind on a school field trip (to Clarion University, I forget why). We wandered off and found the university arcade. After a while we decided we'd better get back, but the bus was gone. We tried to call my mom, but couldn't get ahold of her, so we called Tom's mom, who came to get us (we were in pretty big trouble, too). While we waited, we went back to the arcade. We spent about $30 between us. We played one game, Marble Madness (damn that was a good game). The teachers leading the field trip got in almost as much trouble as we did (no head count).
  5. I like to cook. I love trying new recipes. But if, as is usual these days, it's only me, I typically don't bother. Really, what's the point.
  6. I have bone spurs in my left shoulder and may need surgery. I discovered this when, after over a year of putting up with the pain, I finally had an MRI. I've been on physical therapy for a few months now, and that helped me regain a lot of mobility in the shoulder, but there's still a lot of pain that isn't going away. So, surgery is pretty likely. That really sucks.

Now I'm supposed to tag six people. I don't know six people with blogs that I could tag. Most of the ones I do know haven't updated in a very long time. So, I'm only tagging one (Jackie) and she probably won't participate.


2 people have spouted off:

Qalmlea said...

" It ranges from '80s pop to Celtic to old-timey folk to singer-songwriters to heavy metal and a lot in between."

Sounds like my musical tastes. Celtic, old-style country/folk/bluegrass (no pop), 80's metal, various ethnic flutes, swing and big band... It's easier to list the things that I generally don't like: rap and pop. There are examples of both that are okay, but by and large I can do without them.

Verification: undeer... An undead deer?

John said...
I like swing and big-band, too. Old stuff like Glen Miller and Benny Goodman, as well as '90s swing revival bands like Big Bad Voodoo Daddy and The Brian Setzer Orchestra.
12/24/08, 7:32 PM