Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is a test.
This is only a test.

I never, ever thought of this. Of course, now it seems so obvious that I feel kind of foolish.
A post on Qalmlea's blog had blocks of collapsed text, and I admit, it kind of blew my mind.
This has been a test of collapsible posting. Neat!


3 people have spouted off:

John said...
I also added some code to outline comments by me.
1/18/09, 12:05 PM
Qalmlea said...

To get that, I just put in the [span id="fullpost"] tag, type text, put in the [/span] tag, and then type more text. When anyone clicks on "Inquire Further", the block in the middle will expand. So it's not as impressive as it looks. ^/^

John said...
Yeah, that's what I did, too. I just never thought of it before.
1/22/09, 7:33 PM