Saturday, December 31, 2011

Today's episode of "Things that irritate me."

Okay, here's another thing that irritates me (is this a sign of getting old?):

Arrogant, iconoclastic jackasses who think their personal taste in music (or books, movies, whatever) is objectively correct and anyone who disagrees is simply wrong. These jerks seem to be positively eager to express their disdain and contempt. Bonus irritation if they also feel the need to expound at length on exactly why you are wrong.


3 people have spouted off:

John said...
Yes, I make fun of stuff I don't like, but if someone says "I like that", I will say something along the lines of, "Really? Well, everyone has their own kink." Then I'll shut up about it. Now if someone goes all fanboy (fangirl) or nerdrages over a subject, I reserve the right to make fun of them for that. But I expect the same in return. (I don't do fanboy, but I nerdrage over a lot of stuff)
12/31/11, 2:51 PM
Flipt said...

Ya. I don't understand people who have opinions.

John said...
It isn't people who have opinions. It's people who feel that their opinion on a pure subjective subject (music, movies) is somehow objectively right.
1/22/12, 8:59 PM