Monday, July 04, 2005

Microsoft. Don't get me started.

Okay, a mile and a half nearly killed me. (I only ran about 3/4 of a mile the first two times) But I ran the whole thing. No walking. When I got out of the Navy, a mile and a half was a joke.

I am sending Mom an invite to gmail. She uses Hotmail right now and it sucks. Marie sent her some pictures of Maggie, and Mom tried to send them to someone else. That person couldn't view the pictures. So, naturally, Mom asks me to do it. (Then she stands there making suggestions about how it might work, but that's another issue entirely) I don't know what Mom did, but it seems to me that it should have worked. But since it didn't I saved the pictures to the hard drive (and what a fight that was) and attatched the jpegs to a new message for Mom to send (that was a real main event, too). If I were designing a mail program, I might do it the same way. Provided that I was also a complete idiot.

2 people have spouted off:

tom said...

Hotmail is the worst email service ever. Period. Everyone needs gmail; it's the best email service ever. Period.

phil said...

Microsoft stuff always sucks