Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Another test

Okay, I calm down pretty fast.

Here is another test:

The Geek test - I am an extreme Geek. 63.31361 %

I expect Phil and Tom to score at least that high.


5 people have spouted off:

tom said...

Yeah, I'm only a super geek - 45.16765%. I question the validity of some of those questions, though; some of them should be attributed to nerds, not geeks.

tom said...

An addendum to my last comment to describe how I define geeks:
1) Geeks despise homework.
2) Geeks think band is lame, too.
3) Geeks thoroughly despise manuals of any type.

phil said...

I only got 38.65878%

Sorry to dissapoint you so.

But I must agree with tom about some of those questions.

John said...
Yeah, it was the pen and paper RPG stuff that pushed me over the top. And all the reading.
10/26/05, 3:43 PM
Jacquie said...

I'm only 18% geeky. Who knew?