Saturday, October 29, 2005

More on Dover

Oh, come on! This crap is still going!

This is a quote from a June 2004 letter from Heather Geesey, one of the Dover school board members.

"The definition of theory is merely a speculative or an ideal circumstance."

Okay, This is true for common use, such as: "Will this work?" "In theory."

But "theory" in this sense is not "scientific theory." In terms of scienific research, the above definition fits the term "hypothesis." Well, not quite. But close enough. This is really the problem. What we have is a group of people who are either ignorant of what a "scientific theory" is, or are deliberately confusing the issue in order to futher their own ends. In the case of DI, I suspect the latter.

In either case, are these the kind of people who should be in charge of educating children?


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