Thursday, November 10, 2005


What's your pirate name?

Mine is Bloody John Flint.


6 people have spouted off:

Rotting Dead said...

I guess they would call me:

Bloody Roger Kidd

Cool blog, I look forward to visiting again.


Marie said...

Love your quizzes John! My pirate name is Captain Mary Rackham.

tom said...

Captain Tom Flint here, not get back to work! Swab those decks! Buckle those swa- er... Swash those buck- ah, how the hell do you say that?

tom said...

wow am i dum that should have been now not not in my previous comment notice the complete lack of punctuation and capitalization in this comment to emphasize the fact that i am retarded and unable to do the simplest things properly and if you make a negative comment about this comment or the one that i left right before i left this one then you are only reiterating what i have already said and demonstrated making you very unoriginal

John said...
Ibelieve it would be - Buckle those swashes.
11/16/05, 3:56 PM
Braddock said...

I am Dread Pirate Kidd I guess Braddock just isn't a name that fit well back in the pirate times of the early 90's. No wait that was the time of Aussie Culture. Well good day mate and thanks for helping me waste time when I should be studying.