Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Open mouth, insert foot

Over on The Panda's Thumb is a post about Professor Behe's testimony supporting ID in the Dover trial. It's funny, because while he tries to defend irreducible complexity, he ends up totally sinking it. It is a good read, and well worth the time.

One of the comments touched on a peeve of mine.

This comment said "If the bacteria on the soles of your [shoes] is still bacteria, then obviously it hasn’t been evolving, has it."

WRONG! Every living thing on earth has been evolving for the exact same amount of time. Darwinian evolution (natural selection) does not mean that a species must change. Natural selection preserves successful survival techniques. And if a new survival technique comes up, the "old way" of surviving may still be successful. Especially if the "new way" changes the organisms that have it enough that they don't compete strongly with the "old way."

Anyway, it's fun to see ID proponents (that is, Creationists) shoot themselves in the foot.


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Nathan said...

They should be careful shooting themselves in the foot, they'll get bacteria in there.