Friday, January 27, 2006


I just saw on IMDb that there is a live action movie adaptation of Peter S. Beagle's The Last Unicorn in the works. An animated version was made in 1982. It was very good. (PSB wrote the screenplay, and the producers stuck to it) But I didn't think it quite did justice to the book. I hope the live action version is at least as good.

Dan once introduced me to a game he called "Who would you cast in the movie?" The idea is to decide what actors you would want to play characters in a movie adaptation of a book. Dan was using the Wheel of Time series. (I don't remember his choices) Not too long ago, I was doing this with The Innkeeper's Song (a book by PSB that I'd really like to see made into a movie, as long as it's done right). It's pretty tough, and I haven't gotten very far. In fact, the only definte choices I made are as follows:

Lal : Gina Torres - she proved in the Matrix sequels and Firefly that she can play a convincing warrior

Lukassa : Anne Hathaway - she's cute and I bet she could do creepy really well

Nyateneri : Natasha Henstridge - she also would be convincing as a warrior

Soukyan : Brad Pitt - his coloring is similar to Natasha Henstridge, and he's a good actor

Assassin #3 : Jet Li - no question

That's all I have so far. Other important characters would be: Tikat, Rosseth, The Man Who Laughs, Karsh, the Fox (man-shape), Assassins #1 & 2, Marinesha, and Arshadin. The Griga'ath, the Others, and Old Nothing would be CGI of course.


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phil said...

For which character would you cast Miles O'Keefe