Sunday, October 29, 2006


Okay, I'm not quite sure how "MirrorMask" got on my Netflix queue. I don't remember putting it there, and when the DVD arrived, I was terribly confused.

That said, this is one of the coolest movies I have ever seen. The screenplay was written by Neil Gaiman, and Jim Henson was involved somehow, too. (No muppets, though)

It's strange, it's surreal, it's awesome.

The main character is a juggler in her parents' circus. Then things start to get weird.

I can't describe it. It just has to be seen.


Update: obviously Jim Henson himself couldn't have been involved, as the movie was made in 2005. Jim Henson Studios did the special effects. Still, no muppets.


4 people have spouted off:

phil said...

A juggler chick in a circus? And things get "weird"?

Sounds good.

John said...
It is. I ripped it to my hard drive. Next time I'm in Greybull we'll watch it. Probably Thanksgiving.
10/29/06, 7:38 PM
Qalmlea said...

I'd been debating about seeing this one. Most of the reviews I've seen were along the lines of "awesome visuals; lame story." Sounds like it might be worth a go after all. :^D

John said...
It really is. At least, I thought the story was good.
11/1/06, 7:55 PM