Saturday, October 14, 2006

Some people need to get over themselves

Ok, I was just reading some comments on a random blog, and I realized that one had a familiar theme.

What kind of jackass leaves a comment on someone's personal blog that accuses that person of making trivial, meaningless posts?

It's THEIR blog! They can make posts about whatever they want. If they want to rant about something that they find annoying, well, that's what a personal blog is for.

If, for example, I start actually caring about politics and want to make serious, deep posts on the current political climate, I'll start a blog specifically for that.

If, on the other hand, I only make such posts when an issue happens to touch a nerve, it will go on my personal blog, along with anything else that happens to stike my fancy.

So I just want to say, in advance, to any person who thinks my blog is to insignificant to exist:
"Go fuck yourself."


2 people have spouted off:

tom said...

Hey, it's my right to be able to think that your blog is a meaningless waste of web space, which, now that Google owns, could be used for my GMail account instead, and dammit, if I want to leave a comment describing my loathing, I'm perfectly entitled to!

phil said...

yeah! to both John and Tom.

The point of blogs is that you can say whatever you want. You are the author, editor, and publisher.

Of course comments are there for people to say what they think about what you say. It is their right to say that you are dumb and your posts pointless. It is their right, but it reveals thier own stupidity. And as the owner of the blog, you have the ability to delete any comments for any reason.

What the people who write such comments fail to recognise is that much of the internet's content is pointless as is much of the content on all other medium. Consider the evening news - mostly pointless filler. Other TV shows - mostly pointless drivel. It's a fact of man's existence - most of his endeavors are frivolous.