Sunday, December 10, 2006

The Project, Master of Magic editor, and the BP Christmas party

Okay, I went to the BP Christmas party, instead of going to see Stonecircle (which I would have much rather done). I had already committed to the party and am trying to convince BP to hire me directly (they are looking for an automation technician). So I decided I'd better go. It was pretty much what I expected. Mediocre food. Boring speeches. Lots of alcohol. I hung around through the dinner and speeches, but took off as soon as the actual "partying" started. I don't drink, and drunk-watching is not my idea of fun.

I had managed to kluge together a working editor for Master of Magic saved games (all except towns and units) when I thought of a better way to do it. So I scrapped the whole thing and started over. I am now back to the point I was before.

It's still pretty kluge-y. If I were to do it right, I would write my own Windows components for the specialized functions of the program. I could do that, but it would take more effort than I want to put into this. So I used pre-packaged components and hooked them together with event handlers.

Is it efficient? No. (But more so than before)
Is it elegant? No. (But more so than before)
Does it work? Yes.

I may have to make a custom dialog box when I add the capability to edit units, but dialog boxes are easy compered to most other components.

Finally, The Project.

I have been telling myself I'd do this for a couple of years, but now I actually will.

There's this r/c flying platform, the Dragonflyer. It is pretty cool. I decided to build something similar myself. There are a couple of websites dedicated to this same kind of hobby project, so it isn't like I'm doing anything particularly original.

That isn't the point anyway. Neither is having one.

The point is to build one.

I will be documenting my progress (probably very slow, as I have a job that takes up most of my time), with pictures, too.

The size will pretty much be determined by the rotors that I get. Ironically, the only matched set of counter-rotating rotors that I could find were replacement parts for the Dragonflyer. So that's what I ordered.

Unlike the Dragonflyer, mine will have ducts around the rotors. This will increase the lift they generate. I, being the kind of guy that I am, plan to make my own ducts from Styrofoam and ultra-light fiberglass. I also plan to make any special parts I might need the same way.

I have vague plans to mount a camera, too. But that will not happen until I'm satisfied with the flyer itself.

Anyway, that's as far as I've gotten for now.

I have ordered rotors, Styrofoam, fiberglassing stuff and motors.


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phil said...
there's a 2 megapixel cmos camera module - they have no interface specs or mating connectors ("that would be too easy"). But it's small and includes a flash. They have other ones with lower resolution and no flash and probably more information about the interface.

phil said...
this is another one - they also have a breakout board for this one and there's a link to the page of a guy who reverse engineered the interface

tom said...

Phil: It should be a video camera.
John: You bring that hunk o' crap to Greybull for Christmas.

Gustav said...

Hello. I saw your post on a master of magic editor. Since I am fooling around myself with that oldie right now I am pretty intrigued by the prospect of a working editor. Did you ever finish it and is it avaible?