Saturday, December 30, 2006


Tom introduced me to this really cool game last weekend.

I have made it to level 23 of 25, and there I am stuck.

I have several solutions that require one more mirror or one more refractor.

In this one, for example, I have a refractor at the end, but I need a mirror instead.

It's pretty frustrating. But the game is cool. Check it out. (the title is the link)


4 people have spouted off:

Qalmlea said...

Awesome game. I had time to get to level 8 yesterday.

tom said...

"If you can't drive this thing thing drunk, you shouldn't be out here!"
-Some crazy rafting guide at the Grand Canyon

Anonymous said...

I can't get past level 3... :(

John said...
Wow, you suck.
2/17/08, 11:08 AM