Saturday, June 16, 2007

Best time travel quote ever.

I was going through my post archives, looking for something I thought I remembered saying, so that I could just link to that post, rather than say it again. I'm still looking, but I read a post I had made about the movie 'Primer.'

I mention my favorite line from the movie. It's still the best time travel one-liner I have ever heard.

"Man, are you hungry? I haven't eaten a thing since later this afternoon."


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Qalmlea said...

I've always liked this exchange in Spaceballs. It's not really time travel-related, but it could just as well be, (as best I remember):

Dark Helmet:"When the hell does THIS happen in the movie?"
Colonel Sanders: "Now. We're at now, now."
DH: "Go back to then."
CS: "When?"
DH: "Now."
CS: "Now?"
DH: "Now!"
CS: "We can't."
DH: "Why?"
CS: "We missed it."
DH: "When?"
CS: "Just now."
DH: "When will THEN be NOW?"
CS: "Soon!"
Tech: "Sir! We've found them!"
DH: "Where?!"
Tech: "They're on a moon of Vega(?)!"
CS: "Good. Soon they will be our prisoners."