Sunday, March 19, 2006

Time Travel movie

I just saw this movie, 'Primer.'
It's about these two engineers who accidentally build a time machine.
It's very disjointed, and I think I'll need to watch it again to form any real opinion about it.
Although it isn't a comedy, it had what I think is the funniest time-travel one liner ever.

"Man, are you hungry? I haven't eaten a thing since later this afternoon."


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Qalmlea said...

There were some good ones in Babylon 5's War Without End episode:

"Then it's time. We are Grey, we stand between the candle and the star. .. He's my friend, Lennier."
"I know. But it must be done, or the dream will die, and countless others will die with it."
"I wish I had more time, but now, time is all we have."

"Delenn, the question of who stole Babylon 4 is the biggest mystery of the last decade. Now you are telling me that it was .. me? Is me, is going to be me? You can't be serious."
"John, with Babylon 4 we will be able to save my people and yours. It is history, it's already been done. All we have to do now is make sure that we do it then."

"He's quite mad, you know. He actually thinks that Sheridan is going to materialize in there."
"Marcus, we are stealing a station to fight in a war that was almost a thousand years ago. We are all mad."

Of course, nearly everything that Zathras said in that episode was amusing...

John said...
I was in the Navy, at sea on a Carrier, when B5 came out. I missed the entire first season, and most of the second. So I never got into it. However, the first season is on my Netflix rental queue.
3/20/06, 7:03 PM
tom said...

Aw, c'mon! Spaceballs! It's classic! (Of course, that wasn't really time travel, but the conversation was kinda similar.)

tom said...

What was that movie where the guy built a time machine and then told his friend and they use it and then the one guy records everything and plays what people are going to say and what he is supposed on a tape recorder that he's constantly listening to and then there's a party and a shotgun and he can't save the girl or something. I duno. Got any ideas?

John said...
That would be "Primer."
3/21/06, 4:39 PM
tom said...

Oh, yea. I saw that one time. Maybe a few years ago or in a few years or something.

Braddock said...

Yea Man I saw "Primer." That one guy is a total wuss man, locking himself in a hotel room. Doesn't he know that if he doesn't battle medieval knights with 20 century weaponry and a chainsaw that it isn't a good movie.