Tuesday, March 28, 2006

You gotta love it.

I just got a phone call. Check it out.

Me: Hello
Woman's Voice (WV): How are you today, sir?
Me (not recognizing voice): Who is this?
WV: I'm calling on behalf of ICR, a national research foundation..
Me (interrupting): What does ICR stand for? (I already knew)
WV: It's a national research foundation..
Me (interrupting again): That would be NRF. What does ICR stand for?
WV: It's just a name for a national research foundation..
Me (interrupting yet again): I'm not interested. (I hang up)

Cold calls for donation rely on the person called believing that you represent a worthy cause.

In order to maintain that belief, this woman apparently was not allowed to tell me she was calling on behalf of the Institute for Creation Research.

That's understandable, too. I'd sooner shoot myself than support that crap.


3 people have spouted off:

dave said...

Sweet. Yesterday, I hung up on my first telemarketer. I used to get calls from a fraternal order of policemen, and I sent them money, because, hey, the police do a dangerous job for the good of the community. Well then I started to get calls asking me to support anti narcotics officers. When I didn't want to send them any money, the caller demanded an explanation, and it turned into this whole big fight with a complete stranger who had called me, mind you. Now I stop the person before they even get to the part where they start telling me what they want or who they are. We pay our telephone company so that we can talk to people we know, if advertisers want me to listen to their adverts on my phone, they need to pay for my telephone service.

John said...
I don't know. Even if they paid my phone bill, I'd have a hard time listening to their crap.
4/2/06, 8:30 PM
Dan said...

I have no land line but over the summer when I did, I recieved many calls from machiens. I found this really irratating because It deprived me of the satisfaction of mocking a person on the other end. It is very unsatisfing just saying " Stupid machine" and hanging up.