Monday, March 20, 2006

The Geek makes a brief appearance

I bought the anime series Mospeada on DVD.

Not Robotech. Robotech remains a cherished part of my youth, but the fact is: I can't watch certain episodes anymore. The dialog is terrible. The plot just doesn't make sense.

The DVD's I bought are the original anime series. They are in Japanese, with English subtitles.


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phil said...


phil said...

It's by far the best anime I've ever seen or heard of. All other anime wishes it were Mospeada. It's the only anime worth owning. Anyone buying any other anime is lost, searching for that which they don't know. They are searching for Mospeada.

John said...
I agree wholeheartedly
3/21/06, 4:38 PM
tom said...

I thought about leaving a comment here, but then I realized that I really have no frame of reference and decided against it.