Friday, March 17, 2006

Of Mice and Trains

Soon after I moved, I noticed that my wireless mouse and keyboard were occasionally not working right.

-- Interesting note - Right now some girl is walking past my house yelling profanities at someone. From the context, it's probably her boyfriend. Ahh, young love. --

Anyway, mouse and keyboard. At first I thought the problem was with the units themselves. Batteries? Nope, still happened. Both going bad at the same time? Possible but unlikely. Receiver going bad? maybe. I was trying to answer some questions before any in depth troubleshooting, (That wireless communications technician certification has to be good for something.) When I noticed something. When they are acting funny, I can always hear activity at the trainyard across the street.

My mouse and keyboard both operate at 27 MHz. Does anyone know if trainyards use this frequency (or a close one) for control or communication?

It's very annoying. I may have to try to find some that use a different frequency.


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phil said...

Is there any way to change the frequency or channel? On mine, I can change the channel. Of course if it's interference on the same frequency from the train yard, this probably wouldn't do any good.

They have bluetooth wireless mice (and keyboards?)

Bluetooth is supposed to be great. They use it for all those wireless cell phone headsets - huh a wireless peripheral for a wireless device. Amazing.

I wonder if the bluetooth waves could cook an egg too.