Sunday, December 02, 2007

A bunch of stuff

This post will cover the highlights of my life since Thanksgiving.

I had intended to not cook at all this year, but somehow ended up watching/basting the turkey and making the potatoes, gravy and the shrimp Dad wanted as an appetizer. It was pretty fun, except that I eventually had to leave the room so as to not call one of Dad's guests a "racist, misogynistic bastard".

Shelley used to be solid black, but not anymore.

The newspaper was insolent, but she put it in its place.

Flash + Kitty eyes = spooky

I saw a Celtic group called "the Muses" at the Sweetwater County Library. They were pretty good. I bought a couple CD's. Some songs really need bagpipes, though. ("Danny Boy", "Loch Lomond").

I got the new Futurama DVD, "Bender's Big Score". Funny stuff. One of the included extras is a lecture by Dr. Sarah Greenwald about the various math references in the series. Cool.

Jackal has (yet) another blog. This one is going to present a daily math/science/logic problem and its solution (She tutors math and science). I contributed two simple problems.

That's about it. Isn't my life exciting?


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phil said...

Them shrimp were damn good. And I don't usually eat shrimp.

Shelly seems to be getting even lighter since Turkeyday. When I first got here, I thought she had grey and black hairs mixed together on her torso. But now it is apparent that the hairs are actually grey with black tips. So I think that's a pretty good indication that at least her torso will eventually be all grey. Hopefully her head, tail, and limbs will remain black, but I think that perhaps that hair's just a short type and may take longer to turn. We'll see.

John said...
So I think that's a pretty good indication that at least her torso will eventually be all grey

Only if someone trims her fur.
12/4/07, 6:58 PM