Sunday, December 30, 2007

Wow, PZ's really pushing people's buttons lately

Two posts on torture, and one on the lunacy that is Ron Paul.

As of midnight, there were 228(26 hr old), 337(14 hrs old), and 115(4 hrs old) comments, respectively.

I'm not surprised by the pile-up of Ron Paul supporters. I think his campaign staff consists mainly of volunteers with this very purpose in mind.

But some people showed up to defend the use of torture! Virtually all of them used the same kind of "ticking time bomb" scenario so common in real life on episodes of "24". I recognized at least two that pop up to denounce PZ's evolution or atheism posts.

And yet, as an atheist, I am somehow supposed to be the morally bankrupt jackass.

Who would Jebus torture?


2 people have spouted off:

Jackie said...

I was wondering what was driving his comments above 400 in the second torture post. It looks like the comments section has turned into a forum for "coel" vs mob.

John said...
I don't think "mob" has the right connotation.


"coel" vs. everyone else


"coel" vs. reason
12/31/07, 12:13 PM