Tuesday, January 01, 2008


I just finished watching the 9th episode of Moonlight and am about 3 minutes into the 10th. The situation prompted me to make this post. So if you care, there are spoilers ahead for the 9th episode

At the end of the 9th episode, Mick and Beth learn that Morgan is actually Coraline (Mick's vampire ex-wife). This isn't a spoiler, as it was revealed to the audience back in the 7th episode. Beth, convinced that Coraline is still a vampire and out for revenge (Mick had supposedly killed her), stakes Coraline. Mick freaks out, because Coraline is human, and must therefore have a cure for vampirism. Cut to the beginning of episode 10. At the hospital, Mick says that if Coraline dies, the cure dies with her.

Um...Hello! Vampire! All Mick has to do is turn her; problem solved. She can cure herself again, if she wants. She can tell Mick the cure, if he can convince her. Even if the cure would somehow prevent Coraline from turning, Mick doesn't know that, and if she's that close to dying (and apparently she is) turning her is the obvious solution. I really like this show (although not as much as Buffy or Angel) but I really hate it when characters suddenly become morons when drama requires it (Buffy and Angel were guilty of this occasionally, too). Like I said, I'm only a few minutes into the episode, maybe they will think of it.

I know it's only the 10th episode of the first season, but I hope that more monsters that just vampires are introduced soon. I don't want it to get all demon-rific and sorcery-y, but some werewolves would be nice. Maybe some zombies.


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Qalmlea said...

FYI: That solution does occur to Mick... possibly in ep. 10. ^/^ I figure that much info won't spoil anything for you.

John said...
I figured that it probably would. My point was that it's so damn obvious that he should have thought of it even before thinking to call an ambulance.
1/1/08, 7:44 PM
Jackie said...

The obvious solutions are usually the last thought of in sci.fi. - if they're even thought of at all. I'm sure any Treky can rattle off hundreds of episodes about problems that would have been solved instantly with the replicator, the holo deck or the transporter, if only they had thought to use them.

In a later season of Stargate SG1, they find a drug that replaces the immune system and cures all illnesses. One of the main characters is on it, so they can't just forget that it exists. However, they only use it for one purpose: to replace symbiotes, and only then if it's convenient to the plot. I've found it's best to try to not think about tv.

Mostly unrelatedly, K and I just watched the Transformers movie.
do rant:
I went into the experience with low expectations. I was dissapointed. What a mangled, garbled piece of junk. The only thing it had were good special effects, but since the editor was on crack, I couldn't even tell what was happening in the later fight scenes. Oh, and let's just give every single person in the movie the same mount of plot.
end rant;