Saturday, January 12, 2008

My eye hurts.

This is my left eye.

That lump in the corner is pretty damn painful. Is it an infection of some kind? A clogged tear duct maybe? I don't know. I have a doctor's appointment Monday morning to get it looked at.

Also, my upper eyelid is a bit swollen.


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Jackie said...

Here's hoping it clears up soon.

Hey, most of the elements of your page are gone. What happened?

John said...
The page works fine in Firefox. It's something to do with IE.
1/13/08, 10:22 AM
Qalmlea said...

Yeah, I noticed the same thing with IE. Btw, the tear duct is on the lower part of the frame around the eye, so I don't think it's a swollen tear duct. It could be a clogged pore in a very inconvenient place. If you've got some antibiotic salve (say, Neosporin or an equivalent), you could gently dab some on.

When I had my eye operated on, they actually gave me a tiny tube of antibiotic salve to put into the eye itself (not fun; it makes it hard to see for about half an hour afterward). So if you get some in your eye, it shouldn't case major problems.

John said...
I put some antibiotic ointment on it. I don't know if it will help with the swelling/lump, but the topical anesthetic sure feels better. Numb is weird, but less annoying than painful.
1/13/08, 5:46 PM