Wednesday, April 27, 2005

I'll start a blog! Then I can pretend anyone cares what I think.

Ok, here's my blog. Are you happy now, Philip? If nothing else, it might improve my typing.

What should a reader (if there ever are any) expect?

1. I am not consistent. If a post contradicts an earlier one, just play along.

2. These are my actual thoughts and feelings. If you know me and I do or say something contrary to something posted here, this is real and that is fake.

3. Expect references to The Simpsons, and plenty of them. Also Futurama, Invader Zim, and some pretty obscure movies. Don't expect me to explain them. Expect asides, digressions and non-sequiturs, too.

4. If you are related to me (particularly on my mother's side) and I expound on religion (I probably will eventually), please don't stone me for heresy (or whatever).

5. If any of my posts are funny, it's entirely accidental.

6. I welcome responses, even hate mail. I would like to know if anyone reads this. Just, please proofread and spellcheck your reply. Especially the hate mail.

7. I am never out to provoke or offend anyone. I am, however, oblivious and often get carried away, so if I ever do offend you, I apologize now.

That's about all a reader can reliably expect. Please keep item 1 in mind as you read.

That's it for my first post.