Thursday, April 26, 2007

The Brainy Primate Blues

It's pretty cool. Give it a listen.
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Friday, April 20, 2007

Chain emails

I don't forward chain emails.

Mostly I don't even read them.

A subject line with "Fw:Fw:..." usually results in the message being sent straight to trash.


Because I don't have the patience for the kind of impersonal, feel-good tripe they tend to contain.

Because I don't have the patience to scroll through dozens of forward headings to get to the actual message.

Because I'd like people who send me emails to say something to me.

Because I don't want to annoy the people I know as much as those things annoy me.


"If you have enjoyed your experience, why not share it with your friends?"
- Nutri-Matic Drink Dispenser
"Because I want to keep them."
-Arthur Dent

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Bush lost the war: pass it on.
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Family visit

Mom and Dad came down from Greybull this weekend. It was cool to see them (and it got me motivated to clean my apartment).

It seems, however, that Mom had an ulterior motive.

She wanted to get me to church.

She asked me if I knew of any Lutheran churches around. I said, "No."

She asked if I was going to go to Easter service. I said, "No."

She looked up a Lutheran chuch in the phone book, made a call then told me that the church's Easter breakfast starts at 8. I said, "No."

She tried the passive-aggressive "Will you go for me?" tactic. After almost thirty-five years of this, I'm pretty much immune. I said, "No."

She must have finally gotten it, because she didn't try to get me up this morning.

So, am I a jackass? Maybe, but Mom knows (even if she won't let herself admit it) that I don't believe that stuff. A free1 breakfast is not worth sitting through two hours of nonsense.


1Yeah, right. Just try getting in without paying the "suggested donation." You know the difference between a donation and a charge? Tax liability.

Apparently, I'm "The Man They Call Jayne"

You Are: Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)

Although you can be a good fighter and good at protecting others, you are not very bright sometimes.

Jayne Cobb (Mercenary)
Malcolm Reynolds (Captain)
A Reaver (Cannibal)
Wash (Ship Pilot)
Derrial Book (Shepherd)
Dr. Simon Tam (Ship Medic)
Kaylee Frye (Ship Mechanic)
River (Stowaway)
Zoe Washburne (Second-in-command)
Inara Serra (Companion)
Click here to take the Serenity Personality Quiz
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I'd have to agree, except for the part about being good at fighting and protecting people.

I copied the code snippet that the quiz site provided, pasted it into this post, then spent over an hour getting it to look right.