Monday, June 12, 2006

Low sodium diet

I seem to be embarking on a low salt diet. Not for any health reason, although it probably isn't a bad idea. I just keep forgetting to buy salt when I'm at the grocery store.


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phil said...

I don't think that I've ever bought salt and probably won't - I rarely use it. Not because of health (exactly), but more because I'm too lazy and can eat bland food just as well - people think that it's funny that I eat cold left over macaroni and cheese. I eat almost all my leftovers cold.

phil said...

Oh yeah - things that require butter and salt, like rice and mashed potatoes, are nearly as good with just the butter and no salt. I made a shepherd's pie last week with some really good organic potatoes, free range bison burger, and fresh organic green beans. I added quite a bit of butter (not organic or free-range unfortunately), but no salt and it was damn good.

Except that Isaac asked what "those celery like things" were. I told him that they were green beans. He didn't eat them. I don't think that he's ever had fresh green beans and certainly not fresh, raw green beans (I added them raw because I wanted them to be crunchy).