Monday, June 19, 2006

Warning: Squemish readers may find this post nauseating. Proceed at your own risk. You have been warned.

Does anyone remember the episode of The Young Ones in which all four roommates contract extremely mucusy colds? I believe it was entitled "Sick."

That very accurately describes how I felt all weekend. I considered calling in sick for work, but didn't for two reasons.

1) I am genetically unable to admit debility. If you know (or are) my family, you understand. If I can get drag myself out of bed, I can will go to work.

2) I am slightly paranoid. I worry somewhat that if I call off on a Monday, I will be branded a slacker.

I was slightly nauseous all day.

My nose seemed to be improvising on the theme of The Exorcist

My throat gleefully ignored the Robitussin and Halls, and became very sore from coughing.

I did manage to not throw up until I was walking to my car at the end of the day. Not having actually eaten anything solid since early Sunday, this wasn't much of a problem.

The problem is that the sneezing/coughing phase of a cold is, I think, the time when it is the most contagious. I should call off, if not for my own health, for the health of my coworkers .

I tried that argument this morning, am berating myself with it tonight, and will most likely try it tomorrow morning as well.

It didn't work today, and I don't see it working then, either. I guess I'm just a terribly selfish person. At least I feel mildly guilty about it. That has to count for something, right?


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oh yeah - you probably got the bird flu or something.

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Interesting and descriptive!

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