Sunday, June 18, 2006

More B5

I am now on the second DVD of the third season.

Much like on Star Trek DS9, it seems that someone decided that a space station show doesn't have enough plot potential (this was true for DS9, but I disagree for B5). So Captain Sheridan and company now have a warship.

It is still a very good show, and this season seems to have less woo-woo than the last one (at least, what there is is attached to some sort of rational thought). The political maneuverings of EarthGov are a little too obviously Nazi-esque, but it is a TV show, so I don't expect a lot of subtlety. Especially not with Harlan Ellison as conceptual consultant.

I still don't understand why psychic powers are acceptable to popular science fiction. I know that they allow for creepy Orwellian plots, but Orwell managed just fine without them.


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