Friday, May 04, 2007

Keyboard fun.

I was going to write about this when it happened, but I didn't have time.

Two weeks ago, my keyboard had an intimate encounter with the dregs of a root beer float (don't ask).

The result was that it would only produce gibberish (even worse than that produced by my alleged typing)

So I took it apart to clean it. Let me say this: Don't ever take apart a Dell notebook keyboard unless you absolutely have no other option. I think if something similar happens again, I'm just going to buy a new computer.

Here is a pic of the disassembled keyboard: (click for larger image)

(I had my glasses off because I'm near-sighted, and my glasses make fine, close work blurry)

and one of the pieces:

Notice the three little plastic pieces on the right of the upper image. They form a little brace for the keycaps. Here's a close up (blurred, unfortunately) of the assembled brace (it's above the 'Enter' key):

Putting this brace together is a real pain. Just to add a bit more fun to the task, the function keys (and the other top keys) are smaller and have a different brace design (I didn't get a picture)

Anyway, it took a while but I got it back together. I only broke one of the little brace pieces. Fortunately, it was for one of the top keys so I put it on a key I never use anyway. (Why do computers even have a 'Pause/Break' key anymore?)

Also, before anyone asks: My apartment is small, and the only feasible work surface was my counter/stovetop.


4 people have spouted off:

Kyle Szklenski said...

Hi. Kyle and I are confirming your existence. Kyle once took appart his Dell laptop keyboard, and he concures that it sucks. "Oh, how it sucks."

John said...
Like I said, if it happens again I'm just going to get a new laptop. It's sure to be less painful.
5/4/07, 9:42 PM
phil said...

You can buy a replacement keyboard and just switch it out. Thomas did that once.

I've taken apart a couple of laptop keyboards. They're all pretty much the same. (the first time was when you dumped a huge glass of Coke on it)

Didn't you see the pictures on my blog about switching keys?

John said...
Replacement keyboard...

Yeah, but we all know that I just need an excuse (however flimsy) to get a new computer.
5/6/07, 6:48 PM