Sunday, May 06, 2007

NeedGod test

I just surfed into this really funny test (thanks to joshua, who left a comment a few posts ago).

It claims to determine if you are a good person. And if so, if you are good enough to get into heaven.1

I doubt anyone will be surprised to learn where I am bound.

After telling me that I'm going to hell, I was asked if this fact bothered me. Well, duh.

I was then told that it should, and given some nonsense about selling my eyes.

Would you sell one of your eyes for a million dollars? How about both eyes for ten million? No one in their right mind would! Your eyes are precious to you... but they are only a "window" for your soul. Your soul (your inner being, your life, your personality) looks out through those eyes. Consider how precious your eyes are... then realize that Jesus said that Hell is so horrible that you would be better off tearing out your own eyes than ending up there for all eternity (Mark 9:43-48).

Perhaps you feel safe because you don't believe in Hell. This can be likened to standing in the middle of a busy highway and shouting, "I don't believe in trucks!" Your belief or disbelief in trucks will not change reality. The same applies in this situation. Your disbelief in Hell will not cause it to cease to exist. God has given us HIS WORD on the existence and purpose of Hell... LOOK HERE to see what God says in the Bible about Hell.

Would I sell one of my eyes for a million dollars? In a heartbeat.

Both for ten million? I'm not sure, but it'd be really tempting.

(However, since neither of them works properly, I doubt I'll be getting any offers)

"Your soul (your inner being, your life, your personality)", uh huh, read this, then come talk to me about my soul.

As for what "Jesus said," CS Lewis once tried to "prove" Jesus' divinity with his "Lord, liar or lunatic" spiel. Either Jesus was divine, or merely a great teacher. If he was merely a great teacher then his claims to divinity were either lies or lunatic ravings, either of which rule out his being a great teacher. Therefore Jesus was divine. The argument is based on a false dilemma. I find "liar or lunatic" to be perfectly reasonable (they aren't mutually exclusive, either). There is also the possibility that the biblical Jesus never really existed.

That second paragraph is pure bullplop. (BULLPLOP!) There is some pretty solid evidence that trucks exist. Where is the evidence of hell? Threats contained in the Bible only affect people who already accept the Bible as true.


1 I thought the Christian doctrine was that you can't get to heaven by good works; that you must be SavedTM

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Qalmlea said...

Also, the "Lunatic, Liar, Lord" dilemma is only a dilemma if you believe Jesus' words are accurately represented in the gospels. Even then, I find it just as easy to read in a more eastern interpretation (the divinity of all beings) as to find their particular idea.

Incidentally, I was first presented with this argument when I still considered myself a Methodist, and thought it was a crock of garbage even then. (Irony: JC in word verification)

Kyle Szklenski said...

Jackie using Kyle's ID again: I'm still contemplating that eye deal. I could sell both for 10 million, give 9 million to the charity of my choosing, and split the rest up between my debtors and my family. Then I could kill myself and not have to deal with life or blindness... and I still would have accomplished more than I ever though possible.

John said...
With one eye, I could still do all of the things I enjoy. A million dollars would go a long way towards supporting that life, even after clearing up my debts.

I don't think I could intentionally blind myself. Sure, 10 million dollars could buy a lot of books, but I don't think I could enjoy them in braille.
5/7/07, 7:03 PM
Kyle Szklenski said...

K: Just to support your (I believe) correct belief, a guy I work with is a blind programmer and he hates braille because he wasn't taught it at a very young age. He's fairly intelligent, so it's more likely that it's just a thing of habit, which is harder to get into when you're already older.

Braddock said...

Wow... That may be the worst website ever and this comes from someone who believes in God. It sounded like that Kurt Camryn crap. By their standards everyone is going to hell.

John said...
Except them, of course.
5/31/07, 12:28 PM
Braddock said...

I also don't get the whole judge argument. Judges punish people because they want to get reelected, not because they are inherently good. And, if Jesus told us to turn the other cheek and to not hold grudges then why should God be able to hold grudges against us for sinning.