Sunday, September 25, 2005

Am I an atheist?

I suppose that I am an atheist, in the sense that I do not believe in God (or gods).

If you define atheism as an ideology (apparently the definition is, "Nihilistic, Nietzsche-spouting, communist jack-ass"), then no, I am not that.

All religious arguments aside, I do not believe in God in pretty much the same way that I do not believe in leprechauns, the tooth fairy, or Santa Claus. I would invite people to read Richard Dawkins' essay "Snake Oil and Holy Water". Although I do not agree with Prof. Dawkins' agressiveness, I do agree with the main point of the essay.

I am sure that I will now be pariah in my family's eyes. Mom's side is religious (Lutheran, Mormon, or Messianic Jew). Dad's side, while not particularly religious, per se, is spiritualistic with Christian leanings. I am not hostile toward either belief. I just don't agree with them. (Ok. If you want my opinion of religious beliefs, "steaming load," would just about cover it, but that's just my opinion, you can believe whatever you want. Please note Peter Atkins' teapot in "Snake Oil and Holy Water.")

I don't preach God's non-existence. If you want to believe, that's your business, and none of mine. I just wish everyone felt the same.


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The Baxter said...

amen...i couldn't agree more!

Qalmlea said...

I say, live and let live. The problem is that many people who sincerely believe in their religion also sincerely believe that anyone who doesn't will go to hell and suffer for eternity. So they honestly believe they are helping you by trying to get you to believe. *shrugs*

phil said...

I cannot believe that there is no supreme being. I could write more, but I'll probably make some posts on my blog on the subject.

John said...
Why not? Is it a security-blanket thing?
10/14/05, 4:01 PM