Friday, September 16, 2005

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"my quarrel with evolution is not so much that things can not become more complex, but rather that complexity it’s self leads to life"

it's = it is
"itself" is one word

Just because you are incredulous about something does not mean it can't be true. You are free to believe or not as you will, but incredulity is not an argument. It is a statement of disbelief.

None of those examples was meant to defend Evolution, just to point out that 2LoT does not prevent spontaneous order. Evolution says, "It could have happened without design." Some people take that as, "It happened without design, therefore there is no God." That's their personal belief. Some people say, "That's preposterous, there must be a God." They're entitled to their beliefs as well. I personally do not believe ID, please allow me my own beliefs. But the question of how everything began doesn't really interest me. Things are. That's enough for me.
(Note the correct use of "there," "their," and "they're.")

Science does not answer "Why?" Science answers "How?"
"Why?" is a philosophical question.
Science doesn't stick its nose into philosophy.

Science does not preclude the existence of God.
Also, it is hubris beyond belief to say why God would, or should, have done things.
Especially if you believe in God.

Some scientists are atheists (i.e. Richard Dawkins) and are very outspoken (i.e. Richard Dawkins).
Some are not.
Scientists are human. Like most anyone else, when their beliefs are (sometimes viciously) belittled as ridiculous, they feel attacked. When attacked, some people try to defend themselves. Some are good at it. Some are not.

And for any evangelical Christians who think everyone must believe as they do, read Matthew 10:14.

What I'd like to know is, why aren't Creationists as rabid about, say, Hindu creation beliefs?


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Milton said...

Dang, I should read more before posting (this is why editors I submit to hate me). I know quite a few Christians who are rabid about Hindu creation beliefs, but that’s because I grew up in Asia and have had contact with nutty evangelicals. It seems to me that people on both sides are rabid for the same reasons: the arrogance of the other side and the challenge to their basic beliefs. This is not Christianity, this is a pharisaic attempt at political control. Christians without love are vipers, useless noise, blind guides, hypocrites and murderers (Matt. 23:13-36). Christianity is a personal relationship, not a set of rules or a yelling match. By the way, it’s reply to a reply; I didn’t post the first comment.