Friday, September 16, 2005

Reply to a comment

Ok. Unless you are the person who left this comment, you will probably need to go read it.

Also, show a little backbone. Don't post anonymously. Your comments won't hurt my feelings or piss me off - unless they're poorly spelled. On that note, please edit your comments. "wher", "accidentilly", "be go by." Come on!

Now, my response.

If God is all-powerful, time and His perception thereof are whatever He wants them to be.
By definition, an all-powerful God has no limitations, and you are metaphorically shooting yourself in the foot if you try to impose them.

And besides, Lisa did not create the life in her petri dish. A spark of static electricity did. Although the people that evolved believed she was God, she had nothing to do with their development, aside from being visible occasionally. And she was powerless when they pulled her into their world. A strong case, however, could be made for Bart-as-Devil.


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Milton said...

(Note the blogger name, declaration of purpose, and correct spelling) Have you ever read the book Sync: The Emerging Science of Spontaneous Order? You might find it rather interesting. Religion aside, my quarrel with evolution is not so much that things can not become more complex, but rather that complexity it’s self leads to life. Forces that lead to spontaneous order tend to have a hard time interacting with each other. For instance, take random proteins in some primordial sea. One set of proteins might self align, while another set might require some energy input. When you add energy, the first set unravels. Also, there’s a slight difference between iron filings and RNA. When one steps back and examines the universe as a whole, is there a reason why the laws of nature interact the way they do in the first place? Give me a break; we don’t even know why gravity exists. Sometimes I wonder if we aren’t all inside the mind of God. Then again, there might be theological problems with that, such as God thinking evil… so never mind. Even so, spontaneous order in response to forces does not explain the forces, just the order. Not that I’m saying God is a force behind evolution, I’m only getting back to the intelligent design idea.