Saturday, February 18, 2006

Episode III, afterwards

My final verdict. It sucked, just like the other two prequels.

It never did get much better. I did find a couple of good things to say about it though. Yoda looked pretty good. So did the wookies.

The plot was obvious and unoriginal. It seemed to me that a lot of dialog was rehashed from the original trilogy. If this was Lucas' way of relating to it (the original trilogy), he failed. It only made this movie seem hackneyed.

I still would have said the movie was okay, except for the ending. It went on too long. We didn't need to be shown the twins being born and given to foster parents. We know that happened. We also did not need to see Darth Vader rise from the table (complete with Frankensteinian lurch) and the "NOOOooo..." shout (talk about hackneyed. At least he didn't drop to his knees). There was a scene that would have been a perfect ending. Anakin is lying burned. Darth Vader's mask is lowered onto his face. Cue John William's "Imperial March" (just the first bar). Fade to credits. Everything after that was unnecessary.


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Jac said...

What are you talking about?! That "Nooooo...." was probably the Hayden Christensen's best scene yet. I bet he worked on that scene for days. What was his motivation in that scene? Why was he saying "Noooo" instead of "Yessss"? Arms raised in fists or flailing wildly? Just think of the choices he made!

Seriously, though, I was struck by the fact that Darth Vader was born out of weakness and fear. I had always imagined it to be a combination of laziness and lust for power. Instead, Anakin was generally a good guy, but he was afraid of losing his loved ones, so he took the only rout that he though would ensure their safty. Fear, weakness, and lack of faith... I'm not saying this was good or bad, just not what I had imagined from watching Episodes 4 - 6.

John said...
"Anakin was generally a good guy"

I didn't get that. I only ever saw a spoiled, whiny brat. Even his fear of losing Padme seemed more about his loss, rather than her death. Of course, the Jedi counsel was preaching nonsense to him. It was almost as if they were trying to drive him to the Dark Side. The prequels sucked all around.
2/27/06, 6:10 PM