Sunday, February 19, 2006

What is a "low," and where is he laying it?

"Record Jackpot Winner Probably Laying Low"

This is a headline from Yahootm News.

Can anyone see the problem?
Neither could the journalist or editor, apparently.

It should be "lying low."

How do I know?
Because I had English Grammar in elementary school.

"Lying" is a verb that uses the subject as its (the verb's) object.
i.e. : The book is lying on the table.

"Laying" requires a separate object. The subject does it to something.
i.e. : He is laying the book on the table.

Do you see the difference?
Am I a jerk because I think professional writers should know how to write?


5 people have spouted off:

dave said...

No. The answer is no.

John said...
Thanks. I was starting to wonder.
2/21/06, 6:57 PM
phil said...
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phil said...

Yahoo News? Professional?

Braddock said...

I think your all wrong. I heard fifty cent (fitty cent for those of you who are hip) say he was "gonna lay low and get me a ho." If fitty cent said it. It can't be wrong.