Tuesday, February 07, 2006

He had someone else call.

Right after I finished the last post, some woman called for Carolyn. I could hear "SG" in the background. I'm not sorry to say that I don't regret that I was extremely rude.


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tom said...

You do realize what is going on with this Carolyn thing, right? People are so crazy.

phil said...

Hey, this could be a repeat of the New Years Eve call for "Maggie" or some similar name. It was at Dan and Jacquie's in Ridgway. I'm pretty sure you were there. After the guy called and I talked to him (a couple of times), I said "If he calls back, let's have Jacquie pretend to be Maggie." So he did and we did and I don't remember the exact words, but she hung up on him and then he called again and I answered and he threatened to call the cops and stuff. I tried to explain to him that there is no person named Maggie even remotely associated with the place. I don't think that he believed me. What a jerk. Probably some pervert stalker that got some girl's number, but she somehow slipped him the wrong number which just happened to be D & J's number.

John said...
Yeah, I was there. It was funny then because I didn't have to talk to the guy.
2/8/06, 9:00 PM