Saturday, February 25, 2006

Sorry about this, Phil

I like Windows Media Player.


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phil said...


Actually, I have to admit that the latest version is much nicer than some of the older ones.

dave said...

Ok, it is very nice that Media Player has a great feature in that if you burn a cd with it, and take it to another computer with media player, it knows what songs are on the cd, instead on just naming them: Track 01, Track 02, etc. So, I must agree with you.

John said...
I like the way it organizes music files.

Maybe I am succombing to Microsoft's brainwashing tactics.

"Ha! We'll give 'em somthing that's useful and actually works. That'll fool 'em."
2/26/06, 12:08 PM
phil said...

The new winamp player is pretty good at organizing stuff too - it also allows you to access some free web content through the winamp media library.

Oh and what dave said about naming the songs - that's just "cd text" - you can do it with any decent burning software these days - and some commercial audio cds have it too.