Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Phone moron

This is a phone conversation I just had:

Me: Hello?
Some Guy(SG): Carolyn? (This Carolyn must be scary masculine, if she sounds like me)
Me: I'm sorry you have the wrong number.
SG: Carolyn isn't in? (Oh, no)
Me: There's no Carolyn living here.
SG: When will she be back? (Unnghhh...)
Me: Wrong number.
SG: I need to talk to Carolyn. (If I were telepathic, this guy would have had an aneurism about now)
Me: You called the wrong number. Please do not do it again. Goodbye. (I hung up)

Are there really people this stupid in the world? Yes, there are. I used to work at a convenience store in State College, PA. Not a day went by when I didn't get depressed thinking that all the idiots that came through would have (or had, a lot were PSU alumni) better jobs than I ever would. I have a really good job now, but I bet it's still true.


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