Monday, February 06, 2006

Lunatic fringe

I was listening to the radio while driving between wellsites the other day. There was this guy being interviewed about the State of the Union address. He started out sounding like a pretty normal political commentator. He was soon sliding into the lunatic fringe, then dropped way, way off the deep end. Go here and see what I mean. Be sure to check out the crap advertised in his sidebars. I wish that I could believe it's all a joke.


4 people have spouted off:

tom said...

Just seeing that site hurts my eyes, and actually reading it hurts my brain.

John said...
Yeah, that's about how I feel, too.
2/7/06, 5:49 PM
phil said...

Hey, that guy makes some good points, I think that I'm going to link to his page from my crazy blog.

John said...
Good points? You are crazy.
2/8/06, 6:34 PM